Glamping Tents

Glamping Tents

Invite your guests into a whole new setting. Bring comfort and luxury to the most remote locations. Captivating architecture of Glamping Tents will make your Guests enjoy whatever your land has to offer.

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FDomes spherical structures distributed by Modular Coverings are universal, portable geodesic domes. They are an ideal solution for use in the hospitality industry.

They are an ideal choice for plot of land owners, holiday parks, campsites and hotel owners who want to establish a resort, diversify their current offer or expand the services offered.

Designed to be extremely durable, FDomes constructions are the perfect choice to arrange:

  • Luxury apartments
  • Restaurants
  • Bars, pubs and cafes
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Pop-up stores
  • Events Spaces

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The smallest dwell dome in the offer perfectly tailored for a romantic getaway for two. The dome’s low volume provides ultimate coziness and creates an alluringly intimate atmosphere.

Base:≈20 m2
Diameter:≈5.10 m
Height:≈3.35 m


Warmth and the feeling of closeness with some more space for furnishing. Superb vacation lounge for a couple or a small family, allowing to experience the true glamping spirit and bonding amongst nature.

Base:≈27.3 m2
Diameter:≈5.90 m
Height:≈3.55 m


An optimal dome size for creation of very comfortable yet intimate retreat. It’s a perfect size for an en-suite bedroom with plenty of living space and enough room for additional furnishings. Consider this dome size if you are thinking about creating an upscale experience for your guests.

Base:≈37.5 m2
Diameter:≈6.91 m
Height:≈4.15 m


Perfect glamping solution for bigger families or groups of friends. More space allows for creating an en-suite glamping pod with rich furnishing or dividing it into separate living areas.

Base:≈49 m2
Diameter:≈7.90 m
Height:≈4.80 m


The most spacious glamping dome available. The high volume of the dome accommodates visitors in home-like conditions, making them wish the glamping experience could last forever. Ideal dome size to create a common space such as: reception, cafeteria, etc. on your glamping site

Base:≈71 m2
Diameter:≈9.50 m
Height:≈4.75 m

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